Why take an NRA class versus someone elses home brewed class?

1) NRA classes are recognized in EVERY Michigan county towards obtaining your CPL.

2) NRA has been recognized as the leader in firearms training for more than 140 years!

3) NRA classes provide the student with high quality training materials developed and tested by the finest shooting professionals, teachers, attorneys and law enforcement professionals in the industry and include input from the firearms and ammunition industry.

4) NRA provides the student with a 223 page course book and other materials for the student to use long after the class ends.


So why not just take the NRA class to begin with?

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Michigan CCW / CPL Class


Class time

Location (map)


Pistol rental not included.

Sign up early!

Pistol rental $10

I no longer supply ammo. You may shoot a .22 for class



Balance due at class.
Payable by cash,
VISA, M/C or

Good for class date
only, not refundable
or transferable.

May 14, 2016



Western Wayne Co.

Seats available




Western Wayne Co.

Seats available

Call to schedule a class




Seats available

Pre-registration is required!

If you would prefer to register by mail go to the Contact Info link for information.

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Class sizes are limited-sign up early.

Michigan CCW / CPL Concealed Pistol License Class $119.99

Our Michigan CCW / CPL classes are taught by experienced shooters who are nationally Certified Instructors. Our goal is to provide you with the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary for the safe use of firearms and carrying a concealed pistol.
This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372.

If you are renting our pistols you will need to obtain your own ammo. We do not allow any Russian made ammo or any ammo that has a steel case. Also ammo must be "Full metal jacket" or "jacketed hollow points" or "JHP". Ammo must be new. Walmart usually has some pretty good deals on Winchester, Federal or UMC. Reloads from Michigan Ammo in Ecorse are also acceptable.

If you bring your own gun you may shoot any safe ammo you want.

I am no longer pre-scheduling classes. If you have a group of three or more persons I will schedule a class date for you. For individuals or pairs please contact me for available class dates. There are approximately 465,000 Michigan CPL holders which for the population is pretty saturated and class sizes have decreased as a result of low class demand. I will be happy to discuss finding an open date for you or a group. Please contact me by phone or email.
Western Wayne Co.
Canton b

Canton a


For information on Scott Halseth (owner and chief instructor) click on the "home" link above.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at info@michigancpl.com
or call 734-748-3763.

Students must bring with them to class: Valid State ID/Drivers License, lunch & drinks, pencil/pen, note paper, a safe operable handgun in legal enclosure (factory box, gun rug, etc.), minimum of 100 rounds of ammo, (DO NOT BRING THE AMMO INTO THE CLASS ROOM! LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR UNTIL THE RANGE PORTION OF THE CLASS), Eye and ear protection, cash/credit card (MC, Visa, Discover) for any balance due. No checks please.

Now offering TASER® C2™ Sales & training classes.

Now legal to own in Michigan with a CPL!

An alternative to the deadly force imposed by a gun. These are considered less-than-lethal and are a viable alternative for those that my not be able to use a firearm to defend themselves. These are also an alternative for those that don't want or can't carry a heavy bulky pistol.

Michigan CCW / CPL class tuition includes:

• Minimum of 8 hours total class and range time.

FREE lesson of basic firearm instruction, by appointment. ($35 value) Outdoor range-weather permitting.

• Certificate of Completion suitable for submission with your Michigan CCW / CPL application upon successful completion of the course.

• Range and classroom fees included. ($26 value)

FREE entry into two IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) practices and one IDPA
monthly match ($40.00 value).

FREE phone or email support plus consultation/advice prior to pistol or equipment purchase.


-Contact Info link for information.
All payments are non-refundable. If for any reason you cannot make your chosen Michigan CCW / CPL class date you may apply it to the next open class with advance notice and a $30 reschedule fee.
See class schedule (at left) for dates and payment options. We reserve the right to reschedule classes with less than 3 students registered.

Class sizes are limited, sign up early!

Recent student comments (un-edited):

-I believe this course is excellent for beginners to experts. It was presented clear and at a level all could understand. RK

-Great Course. Will recommend to everyone looking for CPL or higher training. JK

-Great class, easy to follow, easy to understand. Instructor took time to make sure each question was answered. KC

-Great job Scott...Look forward to taking someother advanced classes under your instruction. DG

-Very well run class with a knowledgable instructor. SC

-Excellent class! I did not realize I would learn so much about general personal and home safety. KG

-Just wanted to thank you for the class. It was well organized and informative. Thank you for your time and dedication to training people that want to lawfully own and carry firearms. I received my CPL just after I got to the slope a week ago...It is cold up here in Alaska, I am ready to head south so I can get in a little range time before Christmas. Again, Thank you for your time. KM

-I enjoyedthe small class, it allowed more of a one on one with the instructors. I felt well informed on handling, using and protecting myself. HS

-Great Job! Well worth the (price). Excellent instructors. AM

HI Scott, I wanted to write a quick note thanking you for the tremendous amount of useful information you explained in great detail during our class on 9/8/2012.  My father and I spent the rest of the evening discussing how much we both learned and both agreed we were LUCKY to have such a knowledgable and affable teacher--namely you.  Perhaps most important to us was the fact that we were treated with such respect despite the fact we were both novices(at best) at a shooting range.  Yet you made us feel comfortable and assisted us in every facet of firearm safety while providing us excellent tips and techniques to improve our skills.  I have no reservation in saying you truly are a highly skilled teacher and your enthusiasm kept the class engaged throughout!  Well done Scott, and from my father and I, a huge thank you for all your work in designing a course that is no doubt amoung the very best in the country!  NP

-It was well balanced with range + class time- I felt the range time gave me some experience I've never had. I feel that the time spent in class made me realize the reponsibility involved in this CPL program. I guess I never considered that as much as this class has impressed upon me. GP

-It was excellent overall. Great class, positive upbeat energetic instructor Also I felt very comfortable despite being a complete novice!! Thank You! NP

-Great course, very knowledgable. I would highly recommend. DM

-This was a great class. I was not intimidated and it has helped in me getting over my aversion to guns. How helpful both instructors were. When a question was asked, Scott always inquired if our questions were answered. JF

-It was a good class. I got a lot of information that I know I will remember because of the way it was presented. You guys did good. DL

-Very well Taught. Both Instructors were very well educated. DM

-I was well educated...Instructor was great! Very knowledgable & made everything easy to understand!:) AH

-The instructors were very attentive, so please keep that a priority. The firing range is the most beneficial hands on portion. However, the clear presentation methods were very helpful. I very much appreciated the emphasis that firearm self-defense is a last resort and that blatant machismo and bravado are foolish and dangerous. The importance of safety the instructors presented is excellent. JG

-I just wanted to thank you for what a great job you and Ross did in class on Saturday. There wasn't enough space on the opinion sheet to say everything. I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking that this was going to be a long class going into it. But that wasn't the case at all. Its true what they say, time flies when your having fun. Your class was extremely informative. And as I mentioned fun. I am a maintenance supervisor for an apartment management company and have had two shooting at the two properties I run in the last year. This is one of the main reasons for taking this class. I work with a guy that has a brother that is on the Detroit Narcotics Unit and he himself has a CPL. And Monday at work we discussed the class and I talked extensively on what a great job you and Ross did with the class. Along with all of my 5 maintenance techs, and others at different properties within the company.  All and all you guys did an awesome job and I have recommended your class to all of them. GREAT JOB!!!! TC

-When I walked in this class I was actually terrified of guns, by the time I had been educated and shown how to use in a safe way, I am more corfortable. RB

-Well done. I'm ready to recommend the course to my lady friends. Appreciated being treated very well at this mostly men event! JM

-Thanks again for providing a professional and safely run atmosphere on Saturday. I was a Rife Range Coach and a Primary Marksmanship Instructor in the Marine Corps, so I know the difference between guys who just talk the talk and guys who can walk the walk. You and Ross both fit into the latter category. Hope to shoot with you sometime. BP

-Both instructors very attentive to each students techniques. Easy to approach with questions. Both are very knowledgeable. MM

-I don't think Scott could do any better as a trainer, cause he is up on his game with anything that deals with the CPL class. I was turned onto Scott for my CPL class by my father in-law, and I know I will be giving Scott's info for CPL class to all my friends that would like to take their CPL class.

-Mr. Halseth was very thorough, answered all questions and a complete professional instructing. Would highly recommend.

-Very Happy with the class, I learned a lot both in the class portion and the shooting range portion. I feel very confident in pursuing my CPL as a result! RV
-Excellent class. I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether seeking a CPL or just new to firearms.

-As a female I felt very comfortable in this course. I can not thank you enough. I feel very comfortable in my home. Thank you. April.