TASER® C2™ ECD (Electronic Control Device)

TASER® C2™ ownership became legal in Michigan on August 6th, 2012. If you are thinking of buying one and want to learn more about them and even TRY one (using a training cartridge) in a controlled environment before buying we will give you that opportunity.

Why carry a TASER® C2™?
•Lower threshold for use in self-defense than a firearm.
•Just 6" long and weighs only 5.4 oz.
•Now legal to own and carry in Michigan with a CPL.

•Practice firing of a device $25 each. Supplies limited.

TASER® C2 Gold Package $325.00 (close out price!)


•TASER® C2™ device (black only available)

•2 Live cartridgesMMMMM•1 Training cartridge

•Nylon holsterMMMMMMN•Practice target

•Basic training as required by Michigan law.

•Buyers must provide their Michigan Drivers license (or state issued ID)

and their Concealed Pistol License in order to purchase.

•We accept Master Card, VISA and Discover.

•Sales are done in person. Training provided at time of sale. Call for details.

•Quantities are limited to stock on hand.


I have been Certified by TASER International Inc. as a Consumer Instructor for this product.

I have not renewed my dealer contract with TASER International Inc. and as such I am selling my few remaining Gold packages at close out pricing. Please contact me to arrange a time to complete the sale. Sales are only done face to face per Michigan law and are usually done at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Association club house or range unless other arrangements are made in advance. See here for map.

Contact us for availability and any questions you may have info@michigancpl.com

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