Firearm Collecting

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An introductory class into the world of collecting firearms for enjoyment and/or investment.

In this class we will discuss:

-Collecting for enjoyment

Firearms of interest, history, accessories

-Collecting for investment

Firearms that can increase in value, historical interest, accessories

-Shooting opportunities

You can still shoot these firearms without hurting them! Places to shoot, special events with like minded individuals.

-The Curio & Relic license

How to apply, benefits and limitations of use.

Opportunites abound for collectors of firearms both for investement and enjoyment. Firearms with historical significance can still be obtained for reasonable prices. Adding period correct accessories can increase their value. Part of the process in obtaining collectables is the thrill of the hunt. Patience and persistance is the key.

Class minimum 4 persons.

Scheduled several times a year. Please contact us for available dates. Minimum class size is 3 students.

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