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Advanced CPL class $169.00

Gov. Snyder vetoed SB 59 late last year. Keep watching this site as our legislators have promised a new bill early this year. I'll post updates as they become available. Thanks for looking!

We will be re-working this class as an advanced class to continue your training.

This class goes beyond what you were required to take to obtain your CPL.

In this class we will cover:

• Safety and legal review.

• Drawing from concealment.

• Using and shooting from cover.

• Retention position & point shooting.

• Tactical and emergency (slide lock) reloads.

• Double tap

• Moving and shooting.

• Reholstering.

• Low Light

This class involves advanced gun handling techniques.

Approximately 9 hours, 100 rounds minimum, you will want to bring extra. In this class hits count and 100 hits on paper are required. Misses are the responsibility of the shooter to make up.

Class sizes are very limited. Pre-registration is required. Registrations are assigned in the order received. If more people register than slots are available they will be offered spots in the next available classes.

Only strong side holsters or dedicated holster purses will be allowed for safety reasons.
Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and concealed carry, including cover garment (jacket, vest, shirt, etc). You will also need a holster, carry pistol, 2-3 magazines or speedloaders. A magazine or speedloader carrier would be nice to have, 150+ rounds ammo. Participants must wear a brimmed hat at all times on the range and a closed collar shirt (preferably long sleeved), closed toe shoes are also required. This is an outdoor range please plan and dress accordingly. Classes are not scheduled during colder months.
Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Participants please note: It is expected that you follow all firearm safety rules. We will be on the range in groups with loaded firearms. For everyones safety, anyone displaying unsafe gun handling, poor muzzle control, careless finger control or attitudes will be removed from the class without further obligation.

All payments are non-refundable: If for any reason you cannot make your chosen date you may apply it to the next open class with advance notice and a $30 reschedule fee.

As CPL holders you will be held to a higher standard.





Payment in full




Balance due at class $100

Slots remaining

Map to class location

Call to schedule a class date. 3 student minimum.



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