CCW or CPL, which is it??
CPL is the name of the license you will be applying for upon successful completion of the class. It stands for “Concealed Pistol License”. CCW is really the name of a felony “carrying a concealed weapon”. The moniker CCW is frequently used (misused) in place of CPL.

I’ve taken your CPL class and have my certificate of completion, how do I go about applying for my Concealed Pistol License?
See HERE for complete information. The time to process your license varies by county. Some are fast and others are very slow. Be patient.

Do I need a CPL to buy a pistol in Michigan?
No, but having a CPL makes the process simpler and faster. If you do not have a CPL you will need to obtain a purchase permit from your local police department. See HERE for more information.

How old must I be to take your classes?
We require all participants to be 18 when you attend our classes. The minimum age to purchase and own a pistol in Michigan is 21.

Are there any places I cannot legally carry a concealed pistol with my CPL?
Yes, the concealed carry law includes “Pistol Free Zones” See HERE for a complete list

I have no prior firearm experience, can I still take your class?
Yes you can but you will get much more from the class if you have some prior shooting experience. I offer a free lesson with your fully prepaid tuition to the basic CPL class that can be used prior to the actual class date. E-mail me if you have any questions.

Is my Michigan CPL good in other states?
Yes, Michigan has reciprocity in many states. See HERE for information. Ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws and you should contact the Attorney Generals office or State Police in the state you are traveling to in order get the most correct and up-to-date information on reciprocity.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Concealed Pistol License in Michigan?
See HERE for the official state of Michigan requirements.

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